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Biker Boot Straps Product Information

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What Makes Us Better

Welcome to Biker Boot Straps Product Information page. Our quality boot straps will keep your pant legs from flapping in the wind while riding your motorcycle down the road. We assure you that our clip design will hold your pant legs firmly in place while you enjoy your ride without distraction.

Our premium boot straps are durable and well built. With our commitment to the best quality products, we proudly introduce the first weather proof boot straps ever made. Because of the materials that we are using they perform well in the rain as well as a muddy field.

The clips are made of nylon material with sure-lock technology for superior strength and performance. The decorative emblems are double machine pressed onto the clips for durability and will not spin on the clip with age. Our new weather proof clips will hold your pants in place like no other product before us.

We selected high strength rubber for our straps that stretches up to 40% of the original length allowing the strap to easily adapt to the individual rider. Biker Boot Straps are available in two sizes to fit both men and women. Our 4" strap is perfect for smaller feet whereas the 6" strap is made for average or larger shoe sizes. The 4" strap stretches to roughly 7" and the 6" strap stretches to about 11".

These are professional grade Biker Boot Straps so don't mess around with cheaper, poorly designed straps that won't stay in place and BUY the strap that will stand the test of time!

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Biker Boot Straps
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