Biker Boot Straps are the number one product in existence for holding your pants in place while riding your motorcycle.

Our company was started with the idea that we could improve the function of a pant hold down stirrup. The boot strap is a simple thing to make but a hard thing to make work. Our customers told us that the current products out on the market released and flew off while they were riding down the highway at 65 MPH.

When we started in 2009 the companies making boot straps were using suspender clips and elastic straps. These didn’t last long. When they got wet they stretched out and the clips were weak causing them to open up and release during use.

We had our work cut out for us and our mission was clear that we had to build a better boot strap.

The start of our work meant we had to make a product that would stay connected at any speed, condition or tension. The goal was to make the rider feel as if they weren’t wearing them at all… A rubber was the answer. We perfected the straps so they have just the right amount of bounce and wouldn’t stretch out when they got wet. Now that we had the solution for the strap, we continued on a clip that would have strength and resiliency.

The suspender clips were made out of cheap metal that would bend over time and release. Using a nylon material with a metal insert we were able to produce a clip that not only was weatherproof, but also doesn’t flex or bend under a high tension load which enables them to stay connected to the riders pants. The metal insert acts like a spring and maintains pressure on the connection to the pants.

While most other companies sew the strap onto the clip we realized that rubber couldn’t be sewn. This discovery is what led us to the best thing about our strap design, the ability to interchange the strap to the clip. This patented design enables the user to exchange clips in the event of damage or just for a more customized look.

No need to buy another complete set! All pieces are sold separately so replacing or accessorizing straps or clips is easy and cheap!