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Contact: Michael Screens 

Company: Biker Boot Straps


Address: 1916 Somerset Court

Romeoville, IL 60446

Phone: 708-363-2821 

LeMans Corporation and Biker Boot Straps have joined forces on the new and exciting line of boot strap accessories. The product holds your pant legs down and in place while you ride your motorcycle. Even though the boot strap market has been up and coming over the last 3 years, it took the right design to join up with Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties.

Traditionally, boot stirrup products have consisted of two suspender clips with an elastic strap attached between them. While the product worked ok the problem was that the elastic stretched out when it got wet and the clips were weak. It needed to be a quality product that customers could count on for years of reliable use.

Biker Boot Straps is a premium boot strap company located in the heart of the Midwest in Romeoville, Illinois. Our company has just created an all new line of weatherproof boot straps that consists of a rubber strap and nylon clips. The specially designed rubber straps maintain their elasticity in any weather due to the UV resistant and water shedding characteristics unique to the selected rubber base material used to produce the straps. Our clips are designed with sure-lock technology to ensure that they will stay connected to your jeans like no other product before us. The best part of the new design is that the clips are interchangeable which means you can change the decorative emblems without having to purchase the whole set.

Our current line of boot straps consists of several emblem types and styles, and a base model for the conservative rider. The ladies are well represented with the product line as it includes the Blinged Heart, Studded Peace sign, and other stylish designs. Biker Boot Straps leads the way in making boot straps with interchangeable design heads, and has focused attention on the women rider as well. The rest of the current designs include the Maltese Cross, Flaming Skull, Motor Head, Silver Eagle, and Midnight Cycle…and more are on the drawing board!

While making the emblems using a high quality 3-D stamping process we created designs that will stand out in a crowd while also being a totally functional product. If you’re tired of riding up pants legs and insects shooting up your trousers, then this is the solution for you!

We are excited to announce our association with LeMans Corporation and look forward to many years of successfully serving our motorcycling customers. As for us we can be found at your local Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties dealer near you.


Michael Screens


Biker Boot Straps


History of Biker Boot Straps

Modern technology is something that we take for granted. Everything that we need is just a trip the store away. With that in mind why did it take so long for the millions of riders to just accept their pants flapping in the wind for so long while motorcycling? I really can’t answer that question. The only answer that I can give you is that nobody took the time to actually make a product that worked. That is until Biker Boot Straps came along. When I first started on this journey it takes me back to 1987 when I first started riding street bikes. With everything else available for the motorcyclist I always had a problem with my pants flying up while riding. I tried tape, rubber bands and even tucking my pants in my boots but nothing solved my problem.

While on a trip to Wisconsin for the 105th anniversary is when the drive for a solution became stronger than ever. After a long day of riding and shopping there they were on the lowest shelf at the back of the vendors display a set of pant hold downs. I was excited and disappointed all at the same time because I found the product that I longed for but I wasn’t the person that made them. During the installation of the new found product I discovered something else, they didn’t work. The clip was too big and the adjustment was under the boot and you stepped on it when you walked. My dreams of designing the perfect boot strap weren’t dead yet.

Coming home from that trip I couldn’t stop brain storming about that perfect boot strap and what would I call them. On arrival back in Chicago I started my research which led me to other products that didn’t work. The problem with most of the failed products was a bad clip or an adjustable strap that would not stay adjusted while riding. In my research I stapled bent and fiddled to make something that I could test to see if I would even like the feel while riding. The testing was a success when they stayed on there wasn’t a better feeling of confidence or let’s just be honest I felt cool on the highway.

In discovering it would work the next part was designing a good looking product that will hold up to everyday use. The one thing that was a given was that we had to use a custom sized strap like a custom fit baseball cap. We wanted to eliminate the adjustment so it could not get in the way or loosen up. The answer we came up with was using two sizes. The 6” strap fits most men while the 4” strap fits most women. That reasoning was a big part of our companies’ success. After finding the right clip we just needed a name. Since they were made for bikers and boot straps just fit we called our final product “Biker Boot Straps”.

With all that time that passed and all the life experiences I guess I just felt it was time to do something that mattered. After making it through our first year we are proud to say that business is booming and we have a great customer base. We have sent Biker Boot Straps as far as Australia, Sweden, and British Columbia. To have a part of creating a new motorcycle product and fulfilling the biker’s lifestyle is a dream come true.

Please visit us at and check out our new commercials on our videos page!

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