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I have been a true biker my whole life and from the time I could pedal a bicycle I wanted to strap an engine to it. I bought my first Harley in 1993. It was a 90th Anniversary low rider, and after owning a Harley I never wanted to own any other brand of motorcycle.

With many miles of riding my most irritating problem was that my pants always rode up and exposed my white socks which kept me looking for some sort of pant hold down. I always looked for a solution but never could come up with one. I tried rubber bands, longer pants and even tried to stuff them into my boots but nothing solved my problem.

Seeing other people with the same dilemma and finding a few small vendors selling different types of straps that did not work, I saw an opportunity to create a better boot strap. The other straps were being called boot stirrups, stirrups, motorcycle stirrups, and Harley boot straps. We felt a boot strap really explains what the product does and since they are for bikers it made perfect sense to call them Biker Boot Straps.

The problem with most of the motorcycle boot straps out there was either poor clip design or an adjustable strap that got in the way of the foot pegs on the motorcycle. Our company took a lot of time to research the product and came up with the best solution to make the highest quality boot straps that we could. We wanted not only to hold your pants down onto your boots but to make sure they look good while doing it. We created boot straps that perform with excellence and will not interfere with the operation of the motorcycle.

If you’re anything like me you will never ride your bike without a pair of biker boot straps again. It is the best feeling to know that your pants aren't flapping in the wind at 35 or 75 mph. I hope you enjoy our product and stay safe out there.

Michael Screens

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