History of the Boot Strap

Riders have wanted a better boot strap that don’t wear out and stay connected while you ride for a long time coming.

Biker Boot Straps started on May 19th 2009 when Michael Screens sold the first boot strap set to his neighbor. The product was based off the 1978 design and Mike quickly realized the product could be improved. After creating his first prototyped version of the boot strap and getting a lot of positive feedback from riders Mike decided it was time to protect the technology with a Utility Patent.

What makes our product different is that it included an innovative interchangeable clip, far superior to previous designs, connected to an all rubber, weather proof, strap. Biker Boot Straps Boot Strap has gone though multiple versions and technical tweaks that have lead us to the current weather proof product that so many riders know and trust today.

A patent was applied for on March 21st 2011 and was granted under the name Motorcycle Boot Strap on September 23rd 2014.

While working with the patent office we couldn’t help but learn about the long and interesting history of the product.

1879 – The story starts in 1879 with a Stocking-Supporter which was designed to hold your socks up. It must have had some flaws in it because my socks still fall down.

1889 – As time went on the first Trouser Strap come to patent in 1889 and featured a spring to flex to avoid pulling. The spring was clumsy and got in the way of the heel when you were walking.

1930 – In 1930 a patent was given to J.C. Bollinger for a sleeve holder which would hold you rolled up shirt. The design featured a cloths pin which was used to connect to both sides of your shirt sleeve.

1962 – While selling our Boot Straps over the years we have been compared to the trusty old mitten clips. The mitten clip was patented Oct.16th 1962 and was explained as a connecting device.

1978 – This leads us to one of the current designs that Harley-Davidson is still using to this date. It was called a Clippable Trouser Retaining Strap and received its patent on Sept. 26 1978. This design includes a suspender clip with an elastic strap for flexing and pulling. Although it was better than the Trouser Strap of 1889 the technology is old the clips are weak and the elastic wears out when it gets wet or dirty.

2009 – Biker Boot Straps started selling boot straps using the outdated 1978 Boot Strap Design.

2010 – The now patented rubber all weather product design was shown to the public on August 8th 2010 during the Sturgis Rally of that year.

2011 – Biker Boot Straps applied for our patent on March 21st 2011 after releasing Version 1.0 under the name Motorcycle Boot Strap.

2014 – On Sept. 23rd 2014 Biker Boot Straps was awarded their patent and released version 2.0 of their current weather proof Boot Strap product.

2015 – Biker Boot Straps releases version 3.0 with a reinforced clip and improved rubber compound that increases the elasticity of their straps while retaining the overall integrity of their product.