I have been a true biker my whole life and from the time I could pedal a bicycle I wanted to strap an engine to it.

Motorcycles are in my blood and it’s an honor to be the president of Biker Boot Straps. Our story started in 2009 and has evolved every year since. My back ground in business and the passion to design and create led me on a path to starting the business of my dreams.

I’ve been riding motorcycles ever since I could walk and it all started on my Honda 50. Although there have been many motorcycles over the years the Harleys are among my favorites. I bought my first Harley in 1993 and it was a 90th Anniversary low rider that started my love of Harley-Davidson. After owning a Harley I never wanted to own any other brand of motorcycle.

Our products are produced with highest quality materials for the rider’s enjoyment. If you’re anything like me you will never ride your bike without a pair of biker boot straps again. It is the best feeling to know that your pants aren’t flapping in the wind at 35 or 75 mph. I hope you enjoy our product and stay safe out there.

Michael D. Screens
– Owner of Biker Boot Straps